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Terms and Conditions

1. Email Address: Tremolo Communications will attempt to send your paperless bill to your current email address on file. You must keep your email address current and contact Tremolo Communications directly if you do not receive your paperless bill notice. You agree to hold Tremolo Communications harmless for any delay or failure to deliver or receive a paperless bill notice.
2. Email Address Updates: You are required to provide Tremolo Communications with accurate information and to keep that information current in order to receive paperless billing. Tremolo Communications does not automatically update or change your personal information and you must update or confirm any changes to your personal information, including changes to your email address or phone number for bill notices by contacting our office at 218-763-3000.
3. Paperless Bills: By accepting these terms, you will no longer receive a paper bill from Tremolo Communications. However, you may print a copy of your paperless bill and you may also request a copy of your paperless bill for an additional charge.
4. Paperless Bill Cancellation: You may cancel this electronic billing option at any time and revert to receiving a paper bill by mail (fees may apply). Once your account has reverted to receiving a paper bill, you will no longer receive eBill notifications and access to historical bill images older than three months. There may be a delay of one or two billing periods before paper bill delivery resumes. Also, Tremolo Communications may remove you from paperless billing for certain reasons, e.g., if you stop paying your bill electronically.

By accepting these terms you acknowledge (1) that you can access and read these terms, (2) that you can access your paperless bill, (3) consent to receive your bill exclusively paperless through electronic means.By accepting these terms, you agree and represent that you have the authority to accept and receive paperless billing for this Tremolo Communications account including the authority to agree to the paperless terms and billing conditions herein.Payments are due by the 15th of the month. Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received by the 15th.