Managed Services

We Have Some Great News For You!

We have a FREE app that lets you customize and manage your Wi-Fi experience, setup a free Wi-Fi guest network, manage your password and more! It’s easy to download. Just load it on your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy All These Benefits with Our Essential Wi-Fi:

  • Advanced Wi-Fi Security
  • Virus Intrusion, Malware and Hacker Protection
  • Automatic Security Updates and Notifications
  • Filter/Block Content by Category Like Violence, Nudity or Gambling
  • Schedule Offline Times for Healthier Routines
  • View Approximate Usage by User and Application
  • Enable/Disable Safe Search
  • Prioritize Network Traffic by Type Like Work, Streaming or Gaming

Download the FREE CommandIQ App Now!

Available on all Apple and Android devices

WyzeCam v3

Managed Tech Home

  • Wi-Fi connected cameras so that you can keep an eye on things from wherever you are
  • Motion detection notifies you of any movement in the camera’s view up to as much as 150ft away
  • Smart thermostat with many features such as schedules, turn temp up or down no matter where you are
  • Completely wireless outdoor cameras – No power? No problem! Long battery life allows you to place your camera anywhere within your wi-fi signal range