Get your business, event or cause on our local access channel. Give us a call or follow the steps below to go live with your content!

Design & Setup

Designing your own ad? Download our folder of  templates HERE to make sure your ad is as efficient as possible and meets our TV system’s specifications.

Need us to setup and design your ad? No problem. We offer design and setup services to get your content live fast and easy.

Fill Out & Submit

We just need some information from you to get your content live. You can fill out the form and submit your ad online using the form HERE or you can print out the advertising form HERE.

Once you have submitted your advertising form in one of these two ways, we will reach out to you soon and let you know when your content will be live.


Less is More

You may have the urge to put as much information about your cause, business or event, but try to resist! Your ad is only being seen for 10-15 seconds at a time and the odds of anyone reading a long paragraph is slim to none. Use the space for only important information like phone number, website, specials, etc. If you have a lot more info you would like to get to the viewer, try directing them somewhere with a web address or a QR code on your ad.

Resolution is Key

Do your best to submit the highest resolution image you can. Even though our local access channel is in high definition, if we receive a file that is below the recommended resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, it can still look blurry and grainy.

Orientation Matters

While portrait orientation works great for the print medium, it drastically limits the amount of information you get to your audience when dealing with a video medium. When an ad is submitted in portrait orientation, it needs to be scaled down to fit. This results in about a 66% loss of advertising area. This also makes images and text a lot smaller which can be difficult to read.