Direct Payment Plans

Why spend time and money writing and mailing checks to pay your telephone bill month after month?
With Tremolo Communication’s Automatic Bank Deduct Service, you’ll save the cost of your checks, postage, and even gasoline — and there’s no waiting in line at the counter! Plus, your bills will be paid on time even when you’re on vacation!

What is Automatic Bank Deduct?
Automatic Bank Deduct is an efficient electronic payment alternative to paper checks. When you use direct payment, you authorize your bank to electronically collect the amount due from your checking or savings account to pay your Tremolo Communications bill. So instead of writing a check every month, your bank will automatically make the payment on the tenth of the month for you. It’s that simple!

Why use Direct Payment?
Consumers and companies both benefit from direct payment. As a consumer, you’ll save time preparing payments, on postage and check fees and eliminate the chance of being disconnected. Companies benefit by processing payments more efficiently.

Click for a Printable Direct Payment Plan Form

Also Available – Online Bill Pay!
You can now receive your Tremolo Communications bill electronically and pay it online with your credit card by clicking on Online Bill Pay.