CPNI Notice

Customer Proprietary Network Information Notice

Tremolo Communications respects the privacy of all our customers and our employees protect information that may be found in customers’ account records. In order to help ensure our customer information is adequately protected, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) developed new rules in 2007 which require certain steps to protect Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

The FCC determined we may release information over the telephone only under the following three circumstances:

  1. Tremolo Communications may release call detail information if the customer provides us with a pre-established password.
  2. Tremolo Communications may, at the customer’s request, send call detail information to the customer’s address of record.
  3. Tremolo Communications may call the telephone number of record and disclose call detail information and ECTC may disclose non-call detail CPNI to a customer after customer is verified.

The FCC has stressed that a telephone company must take reasonable measures to discover and protect against attempts to gain unauthorized access to CPNI. Tremolo Communications must properly authenticate a customer prior to disclosing CPNI based on customer-initiated telephone contact, online account access, or an in-office visit.

If you have any questions regarding the CPNI rules, or if you have questions regarding your account CPNI information, please feel free to call our office at 218-763-3000.